Clear your Washington state criminal convictions from your record 

Find out if you may be eligible to have your Washington state criminal convictions erased from your record.

Find out how today!

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Why should I clear my conviction record

There are huge benefits to vacating your criminal convictions

  • Legally removes the conviction from your record
  • You can truthfully state on any applications (employment, student aid, housing, etc) that you have never been convicted of the vacated crime
  • Your conviction will no longer show up on the WSP Watch report or the FBI database
  • You are no longer subject to any penalties or disqualifications due to your conviction
  • Although the vacated conviction can be used in criminal prosecutions it cannot be used for enhanced sentencing penalties


How to clear your convitions

WSP Watch Report



Obtain a WATCH Report from the Washington State Patrol. This costs $12 dollars and can be obtained online, here. You can order this on your own or hire our firm and we’ll do it all for you.

Attorney Review



Our experienced attorneys will review your information and determine whether you are eligible to request the court vacate your conviction.

Discuss Options



One of our attorneys will contact you and discuss your options and next steps including filing motions with the court. We can do this over the phone or in person at our office. We handle all of the paperwork for you.



Our Firm

South Sound Law Group has helped thousands of people along the way. Our firm also handles numerous criminal defense matters, from low level misdemeanors to felonies. Therefore, we understand the serious consequences and negative impact a criminal conviction can have on a person’s life.

Just because you made a mistake in your past doesn’t mean it should haunt you forever.  Having a criminal conviction on your record can impact the types of jobs you will be hired for, it can impact your ability to obtain student aid, it can prevent you from getting that new apartment, and it can even prevent you from volunteering at your kids school. 

Over the years we’ve helped a lot of people clean up their criminal records. Helping someone take that last step to leaving their past behind is extremely rewarding. Why let that baggage hold you back if you could get rid of it?

Not only do we help vacate criminal convictions but we’ve done extensive work helping people restore their firearm rights as well. In addition, we have successfully helped our clients win hundreds of thousands of dollars under the civil wrongful conviction statute.

We know the process, we know what information the court needs to grant these requests, and we’ve developed systems to make this process as simple as it can be. Our goal is to to take the stress out of this process for you. We love coming into work and worrying about your case, so you don’t have to.

Why let an old conviction hold you back. Why wait to see if you are eligible to clear your criminal convictions? Let’s get started today!


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